Pillbox Alert

Pillbox Alert

Pillbox Alert is an Android app that reminds you to take your medication. It is a fully customizable reminder app that allows you to specify What you take and exactly When you take it.

Pillbox Alert Features

New in 1.5: You can view the history of medications taken!

  • Receive automatic daily alerts
  • Customize the daily schedule to match your needs
  • Change the alarm sound to make medication alarms unique
  • Add vibration and flashing light
  • Add an unlimited number of Medications
  • Add an unlimited number of customizable times
  • Disable the alarm for particular times
  • New! Ability to enter fractional quantities, e.g. 1.5
  • Comes pre-loaded with many popular medications
  • Pillbox Alert sounds the alarm even when your phone is asleep.
  • Pillbox Alert resumes the schedule even after you reboot your phone
  • Easy one-click snooze for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.
  • Displays what you've taken or skipped today.
  • Toggle alarm on and off by clicking the alarm icon.
  • New! Ability to mark meds as Taken or Skipped in advance.

Pillbox Alert Screenshots

How to get Pillbox Alert

1: On your Android phone, go to the Google Market and search on the words "pillbox alert."

2:Visit Pillbox Alert on the Android Market with your web browser.

Pillbox Alert Help

Need help using Pillbox Alert? Try this Quick Start Guide to get going, or read the FAQ's if you are having trouble. Using a task killer app? Definitely read the FAQ's.

What's New?

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